LoversLab Mirror

A mirror of some selected LoversLab mods [NSFW]
ArousedCreatures 0.3.1 by Sailing Rebel. Category misc
Any nearby non-hostile creatures with a high enough arousal will rape (or seduce) your character or any available NPC. There are lots of configuration options to customise your experience.
CapturedDreamsShop 3.84 by Veladarius. Category misc
The Captured Dreams shop expands the Devious Devices family of mods by adding a shop where you can see, buy and sell various bondage and fetish gear as well as other related items
ContentConsumersAlternateStart 10 by Content Consumer. Category quest
This mod adds a few new Alternate Start scenarios using Arthmoor's Live Another Life mod. Many scenarios also require other Sexlab mods, but these are soft requirements; that is, you can play this mod without them installed. Most of these are sexlab-based starts, i.e. many have specific sexual content, and others indirectly reference sexual content.
Defeat 5.3.3 by Goubo. Category combat
Defeat aim to give more combat outcomes and alternatives to death, whether the player is the victim, the aggressor or not even involved
Devious Devices - Equip 1.37 by Inte. Category misc
with this mod you can equip and un-equip ALL the devious devices available from Devious Devices Assets and Devious Devices Expansion by using the MCM menu.
DeviousDevices 2.9.2 by Zadil. Category framework
This is a collection of BDSM-themed gear and devices for the CBBE 3.2.3 (Curvy) & UNP v1.2 female body, with additional tweaks for the UNP v1.2 (Skinny) body and UNP HDT-PE-TBBP 5.01 body included
DDx is an add-on content pack for the Devious Devices family of mods, it's purpose, outside of adding more content for us all to play with, is largely as a framework
Devious Devices - Assets Integration
DeviouslyCursedLoot 5.5 by Kimy. Category misc
There are rumors that some wicked individuals hid cursed restraining devices all over the province that can trick anyone touching them into tying up themselves. It is quite likely that some of them are still out there, waiting inside wardrobes, chests, boxes, even barrels and other innocent looking containers for an unsuspecting adventuress to try and loot them.
DeviouslyEnslaved 1.04 by Chase Roxand. Category misc
The sheer amount of "devious" content available for Skyrim is incredible. Quite a few of them work together seamlessly, but others don't seem to acknowledge that the other exists. That's where I intend Deviously Enslaved to come in. Looking like a slave means you should be treated like a slave... with as few conflicts as possible...
DeviouslyHelpless 1.15d by Srende. Category misc
If enemies see you coming too close to them helpless, they'll just straight up rape you instead of even bothering to attack. This is based on what Devious devices you're wearing
MariaEden 1.24 by zaria. Category misc
MoreNastyCritters 8.25 by dentarr. Category misc
More Nasty Critters sexes up the creatures of Tamriel
Non-SexLab Animation Pack 3.1 by rydin. Category framework
Non SexLab Animations Pack (NSAP) acts as an extention to SexLab, allowing for animations to be registered to the framework without overwriting SexLab's own FNIS file. In doing so, if the framework is updated, animations in this mod should still be able to be registered in the update.
PapyrusUtils3 3.2 by Ashal. Category framework
SKSE plugin that allows you to save any amount of int, float, form and string values on any form or globally from papyrus scripts
PetCollar 4.7.0 by yurik. Category misc
An expansion for Devious Devices. Lockable collar for a more "submissive" game play, for you or your follower(s). Simple, stable, effective and playable
PonyPack1 001b by darkconsole. Category gear
This is a compiled pack of armour to create the pony girl that have been retextured to match eachother.
Prison Overhaul V033 by xaz. Category misc
Brings some punishment to the Skyrim prisons
Prison Overhaul Patches 033 8d by Inte. Category misc
a series of patches to xaz's Prison Overhaul V033 mod
QuickAsYouLike by DocClox. Category quest
Quick As You Like is a cross-country survival mod with elements of player slavery, and humilation
SanguineDebaucheryEnhanced 3.4.4 by skyrimll. Category misc
Sanguine Debauchery+ is a mod that subjects the player to enslavement as an alternative to death. Being enslaved by the opponents that defeat you in combat offers the player interesting story tangents and, above all, a continuous narrative in place of death and a reload screen
SchlongsOfSkyrim 3.00.004 by b3lisario. Category misc
Schlongs of Skyrim is a mod intended to work as a framework for customized, animated and dynamic assignment and management of male genitalia. Although the mod started by only aiming to provide it only for male characters, due to demand, it soon shifted to a full framework, capable of managing it to any possible race/gender
SDCages 1.9 by Inte. Category misc
Ever got enslaved and thought to yourself, well this is not that bad, I can just wait until the nightfall and pickpocket my Master’s key while he/she is asleep and I’am free again. Well no more, this mod adds cages to a some of the bandit locations so now when you get enslaved the Master will put you in a locked cage from 0:00 to 8:00 so good luck escaping from that.
SexLab 1.6.2 by Ashal. Category framework
Skyrim SexLab is intended to serve as a unifying resource for modders to pull animations from to aid them in development of adult themed mods
Sexlab Stories 0.8.1 by skyrimll. Category quest
Sexlab Stories Devious 0.8.1 by skyrimll. Category quest
This mod is a collections of sexy stories and easter eggs
SexlabArousedRedux 21 Category framework
This is a replacement for Sexlab Aroused. The intent is to minimize the papyrus impact of Aroused
SexLabDialogues 1.9a Category framework
SL Dialogues is a new companion resource for mods that need dialogues for relationships between the player and NPC
SimpleSlavery 4.4 by jfraser. Category quest
This is a slave auction mod
SlaveTats 1.1.1 Category misc
The tattoo toolkit for Skyrim
SLUTSts 0.10.5 Category quest
The carriage drivers of Skyrim have banded together to form the Skyrim Licenced Universal Transport Service, and they're looking to take on staff.
Submissive Lola 1.5 by alexvkj. Category quest
Consensual D/S mod. The mod gives you a possibility to turn your follower into a Dom or Domina. It works with every follower, vanilla and custom, male and female.
Submit_progression 1.71 by MixedupJim. Category misc
Everytime your character is knocked down in combat via Sexlab Submit and after your attackers have had there way with you. Your character will be placed in to a random bondage pose. Once that has been completed a locked devious device will be added to your character. The device added will depend on the devices already worn by your character
Untamed 117 by darkconsole. Category combat
Build Your Pack. Command Your Pack. Every time you lay with a beast you get stronger, more resilient, you will find yourself not depending on armour for too long. Beasts will follow and fight for you. The more experience you gain with them the more you will be able to control and use the pack.
xp32mse 3.21 Category framework
"XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended 3" is a completely redone version of "XP32 Maximum Skeleton - XPMS" by xp32, for the "HDT Physics Extension" and "HDT Skinned Mesh Physics" and provides ingame customization features.
ZazAnimationPack 6.05 Category framework
The ZaZ Animation Pack is a Master Mod to so many Independent Mods on LoversLab
The ZaZ Animation Pack is a Master Mod to so many Independent Mods on LoversLab. This contains the texture pack